Burn the bacon
lights out
naming one whole
roll continued
fractions never
mind the stable
leave in a
come in never
lived to ex-
istence through
one serious
massacre "some
day. . . after you're
dead" to weigh
this and then
that fine reason
aware of its
danger what-you-
recognize erotic
force not will
standing I-think
-you is narrative
something from
shapes the awkward
is not inert I
lived among such
rocks a thing's
affinity extended
mattering thing's

water left me where I stood
trace of progress disappeared
little light noise unbarred
mutilate exchange
small doors, light as I am
and not stronger than the thing I move

Spongy foreheads carry winter
fragile twins absorb it
dawn complicates a taste for solids
pencils crossed in the bacon
nor do I wish without me
nor the least title noted
heel or toe of feel no further
unable to classify
trellis and crown
say things
and hear the sound

Norma Cole

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