Mrs. Mann



listen, I am coming down
and I am bringing my guest

they always used to
but now
a wonderful woman
used to be
I have not seen
I have not seen
a cockroach in the tea

I can not believe it

he threatened me--
"I am going to get you for this"

Mr. Mitchell disappeared into Canada
took me to see his mother

used to knit

they did not speak to me
the little children
took over

burned out
one of them died

the fire escape window, a double lock
entered by the

Mrs. Samuelson used to ask me
a scene designer, he died

she could have had

never comes any more
I can not understand it--Bess Stoller

what would you say
is this any life, in this room
a room like this?

Maid on 6th and Visitor


(Long Pause)
Mrs. Mann


Mrs. Mann

Joanna Gunderson

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