(lifted from a journal) March 20, 1985-March 21, 1986, excerpts


April 7
the night of the sixth: great deal of wind
M lay awake or woken by the wind around the house
moon within a deep trough of clouds
you could see the depth, then the blue, the moon in it
"Aladdin give me the ring"
"First I will come up"
"Then I will shut the cover
stay among the jewels forever"

July 4
to the edge, swimming to the edge
at Chapel Pond
water running faster closer to the edge of the pond
the Labrador tea trembling

July 6
water lapping high against the side of the lake as we approach Whiteface Landing
thought it was people in swimming, the sound of strokes in the water

July 22
sun on the St. Lawrence River
rough like a small ocean
reflecting into the house
with the oval porch
low trees
feeling that we are approaching the sea
some cedars planted as if to protect the houses
in their house you would always hear the rustle of the wind
like hair around a head the leaves around the house

October 19
the wind a sharper sound because
the leaves have fallen
an edge like a whip through the air

Joanna Gunderson

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