HOW2New Writing Virginia Woolf

Introductory Remarks about this section:
Poems in their exploratory, innovative and hybrid nature are of particular interest, as well as blurred genre forms that include visual, narrative and dramatic elements of fiction and dialogue. Each contribution in this section includes a "Working Note" briefly describing the writing process of the project attempted. A revolving guest editor will invite contributions and select from proposals for the issue she edits. Guest editor for this issue is Kimberly Lyons
(see bio below). The guest editor for H2/n4 will be Carla Harryman <>.

Kimberly LYons

Kimberly Lyons -- Guest Editor
Kimberly Lyons is the author of several chapbooks and a 26-part poem, Mettle, published with images by Ed Epping as a limited edition from Granary Books in 1996. Lyon's Abracadabra is just out from Granary. She was the program coordinator at the Poetry Project and now is a pyschiatric social worker in Coney Island, NY.

Kristin Prevallet
“The Belly of the Iceman”

Hoa Nguyen
“[Hummingbird chimes from Mai 2 years gone],” “[Find & fund It's a prison oven],” “[Pretty headdress on Kidumiel],” “Mnemosyne,” “[Crows and grackles   grackles]”

Ange Mlinko
“Lighter Fluid and Typewriter Grease,” “The Djinn at Your Birth,” “Thunder & Lightning,” “Materpieces Unite!”

Laurie Price

Martha King
“A Velasquez Mirror,” “Cloister,” and “Male Myths”

Barbara Henning

Nada Gordon
“2008(after AN),” “Yang and Yin,” and “Alexithymia”

Lynn Behrendt
“This Hysterical Embrace”

Wanda Phipps
“Untitled,” and “morning poem #28”

Lee Ann Brown
“Ballad Fragment,” “Campion Centro,” “How Glad,” “Coronary Decades,” “3 Rings” “The Words of Love”

Marcella Durand
“machine into water 12,” “machine into water 13,” “machine into water 8,” “machine into water 1”

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