Tusser, Thomas


Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry: As Well for the Champion or Open Countrey, as Also for the Woodland or Severall, Mixed in Every Moneth with Huswifery, Over and Besides the Booke of Huswifery.

Newly set forth. Corrected, better ordered, and newly augmented to a fourth part more. London: Printed by I. O. [John Okes] for the Company of Stationers, 1638. First ed. published in 1557 under title: A Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie; enl. ed. first published 1573--Cf. Hunt 325. Printer's name from STC. References: STC 24392. Text heavily underlined and bracketed; ms. annotations in margins.

This is a book on agriculture written in verse and enjoyed for its humor and practical use. The author discusses various aspects first of husbandry and then of huswifery.  After introductory materials on such topics as the importance of thrift and the movement of the planets, the author works through the calendar, beginning in September, and discussing issues pertinent to each month.  The section on huswifery follows and is arranged by the hours of the day, beginning at dawn.  The author ends with an autobiographical sketch.  There is an index to the book as well.

Subjects: Agriculture; Home economics.


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