Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de


[Elemens de botanique. Latin]

Josephi Pitton Tournefort. . .Institutiones rei herbariae.

Editio altera, gallica longe auctior, quingentis circiter tabulis aeneis adornata. 3 v. Parisiis: E Typographia Regia, 1700. Vols. 2-3: Includes Josephi Pitton Tournefort. . .Corollarium Institutionum rei herbariae: in quo plantae 1356. munificentia Ludovici Magni in orientalibus regionibus observatae recensentur, & ad genera sua revocantur. Parisiis: E Typographia Regia curante J. Anisson. . .1703. Bound in ahead of plates in vol. 2. Plate 476 bound in following plate 489. (First edition 1694).

Tournefort's work is important in the development of systematic botany. He worked out a system of plant groups higher than general and expanded on the theory of genres as a basic unit--a cluster of species as he called it. Two of the three volumes contain illustrations by Claude Aubriet (1665-1742) that were accurate representations of plants.  Printed marginal notes give the sources for the author's information.  Plants are arranged by class and then genus.  There are a number of indexes at the end of the first volume and just before the illustrations in the second volume.  The marginal notes in the first volume give the plate number for each of the plants, so that the illustrations may be located in the second and third volumes.

Subjects: Botany--Pre-Linnean works.


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