Acosta, Cristobal

ca. 1515-ca. 1592.

[Tractado de las drogas y medicinas de las India Orientales. Latin]

Christophori A Costa. . .Aromaticum & medicamentorum in Orientali India nascentium liber: plvrimvm lucis adserens iis quae a Doctore Garcia de Orta in hoc genere scripta sunt.

Caroli Clusii Atrebatis opera ex Hispanico sermone Latinus factus, in epitomen contractus, & quibusdam notis illustratus. Altera editio, castigatior & auctior. In Orta, Garcia de, 16th cent. Aromatvm, et simplicivm aliqvot medicamentovm apvd Indos rascentivm historia. Quarta editio. Antverpae: Ex Officina C. Plantiana, apud viduam, & Ioannem Moretum, 1593. Second Latin edition--Cf. Cleveland coll., 137. References: Cleveland coll. 137. Includes index.

Acosta was a Portuguese soldier and physician who travelled widely, visiting such exotic places as Persia, India, Malaysia, and perhaps even China. He landed at Goa in 1568 a few months after the death of Orta, and was appointed physician to the Royal Hospital of Cochin. After some years of studying the plant life of India, he returned to Portugal where his manuscript was published. This first edition of Acosta's work concentrates on the drugs of the East, drawing heavily on what had already been published by Orta. Although it is primarily a translation into Spanish of Orta's work, authorities have stated that Acosta was knowledgeable on this subject. In his translation he clarifies Orta's text and adds to its usefulness. Many of the illustrations are from accurate drawings created by Acosta himself.

Subjects: Medicine; Vegetables.


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