Meager, Leonard


The Compleat English Gardner, or, A Sure Guide to Young Planters and Gardners: In Three Parts . . .

Enlarged by way of supplement by a lover of this princely diversion and profitable recreation. 11th ed. London: Printed for M. Wotton and G. Conyers, 1710? Originally published under title: The English Gardener (London, 1670). References: BM.

Contents (from t.p.): I. Shewing the best Way and Order of Planting and Raising all sorts of Stocks, Fruit-trees and Shrubs, with the divers Ways of Ingrafting and Inoculating in their several Seasons.  II.  How to Order the Kitchen Garden for all sorts of Herbs, Roots and Sallads.  III.  The Ordering of the Garden of Pleasure, with a Variety of Knots, and Wilderness-Work, after the best and newest Fashion, all cut in 24 curious Copper-Plates; also the most Approved Ways for Raising all sorts of
Flowers, with Directions to Order Arbours, and Hedges in Gardning.  To these three sections two supplements have been added.  The first is called A Supplement, Directing how to know what sort of Earth is proper for all sorts of Fruit-Trees, and when 'tis proper to Dung, and when not; Evils in Fruit-Trees how to remedy, to preserve Wall-Fruits; rare Secrets, for want of Knowledge thereof, many chief Plants dye: To know the proper Season for Herbs, Plants, etc.  The second is called A Supplement to the Flower-Garden, in many rare Curiousities, being Secrets known to the few, to order your Choice Plants,
Flowers, and make them Flourish, as Oranges, Limons, Aloes, etc.  The Season to remove them, and how to order the Stow and Fire-Place, etc.  What Grres and Choice Flowers best endure Gold, and when to timely House them.  Prognosticks or Observations of the most proper Time to Sow, Set, Plant, etc.  Monthly Observations relating to Greens; their Ordering, Preserving, Housing, and to make them Flourish, etc.  Monthly Observations throughout the Year, to order the Orchard, Kitchen, and Flower-Gardning.     Several of the plates have pencilled comments in the margins.

This very popular gardening book went through many editions.  Plans and illustrations of knot gardens are found on 24 plates.   This work represents "Thirty Years Experience of an Able Gardner" and is recommended as "a faithful Guide to all, expecially the young Gardner and Planter."

Subjects: Gardening; Knot gardens.


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