Amato, Lusitano


In Dioscoridis Anazarbei De medica materia libros quinque Amati Lusitani, doctoris medici ac philosophi celeberrimi, enarrationes eruditissimae.

Accesserunt huic operi praeter correctiones lemmatum etiam adnotationes R. Constantini necnon simplicium picturae ex Leonharto Fuchsio, Iacobo Dalechampio, atque alijs. Lugduni: Apud Matthiam Bonhomme, 1558. Colophon: Lugduni: Excudebat vidua Balthazaris Arnolleti. References: NUC pre-1956 NAO219122. Includes a very complete index. Commentaries on Dioscorides, De Medica materia, book five.

Dioscorides was considered the authority on medicinal plants for over 1,000 years. Many botanists who followed him continued his works, added to them, and corrected them.

This work consists of five separate books, bound together, and includes Amato's commentaries on Discoridis's detailed descriptions. The second book discusses various terrestrial and marine animals, as well as plants. The illustrations include drawings of hedgehogs, sea horses, salamanders, flying turtles, and various shells, as well as many of the plants. Each of the detailed descriptions begins with the name of the plant or animal Latin, and then the translation of the name in other languages, such as Greek, Italian, Arabic, Gallic, and German.

Subjects: Medicinal plants; Medicine, Greek and Roman.


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