Wirt, Elizabeth Washington


Flora's Dictionary

Baltimore: Fielding Lucas, Jr 1837? Defective copy? Contains no illustrations. Most eds. illustrated.

This work begins with a brief essay on the structure of plants, followed by a similar essay on flowers, which includes a description of classes and orders.  There is also a short biography of Linnæus.  The main portion of the work consists of an alphabetical arrangement of the common names of flowers, with their botanical names beneath, together with the author's description of the symbol best suited to the flower, and a listing of quotations from various poets which pertain to that flower or symbol.  For example, Laurel (kalmia) is the symbol for treachry, and one of the quotes is from Shakespeare: He is composed and framed of treachery!.  There is also an extenxive section of notes, where information is provided concerning the Class and Order of each flower, as well as a description of the flower and notes about literary references to it.

Subjects: Flower language; Symbolism of flowers.


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