Williams, John, Dr.

Dr. John Williams' Last Legacy, or The Useful Family Herbal.

[s.l.: s.n.], 1827 Probably US--NY or PA.

This work is a small pamphlet of "cures."    The author begins with a preface stating that he "has a desire to leave something for the good of his fellow creatures, and being sensible of soon retiring from time, and seeing no other opportunity to benefit the rising generation, hopes it will be kindly received--being a true and faithful statement of each Medicine and Cure."  The author states that all the information in his pamphlet is based on his own personal knowledge and not heresay.  The cures are numbered and there is a table of contents listing them at the end of the work.  The work has an advertisement for it at the very end which gives a biographical sketch of the author.  He was born in New York, and now resides in washington county.  Most of his life has been spent in the study of health and he has travelled extensively in search of information.  He even spent a period of time among the Indians, "learning the Indian method of treating disorders, and the medical virtues of the vegetable kingdom" as well as "much literary and scientific knowledge."

Subjects: : Medicinal plants; Botany; Medicine.


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