Samuel P. Goddard Papers

12th Governor of Arizona

Photo Illustration: Sam Goddard as Governor

First Days in Office

Sam Goddard was inaugurated the 12th governor of the state of Arizona on January 4, 1965. When Goddard arrived in the governor's office, there was nothing but a large desk to furnish the room. Goddard's first days in office served as on-the-job training as he and his staff became familiar with the roles that they would inhabit for the next two years. For his staff, Goddard recruited old friends who had helped with his campaign, such as his radio and communications business partner Clayton Niles and sports reporter from the Arizona Republic Ben Foote, as well as new faces, including The Tucson Citizen reporter Peter Starett. Dennis DiConcini, who would later serve Arizona as a United States Senator, became the governor's Chief of Staff.