Commission on the Status of Women

Fulton Center Tempe campusCSW Tempe Campus

The CSW at the Tempe campus has 20-25 members and runs under the direction of Commission Chair Kaylen Cons. CSW Tempe focuses on a variety of projects including research, campus climate, advocacy, and professional development. For more information on the work of CSW Tempe, contact the CSW office at


CSW Tempe Membership

CSW Tempe Membership 2013-2014  
CSW Tempe Chair Kaylen Cons
CSW Tempe Chair Elect Amelia Huggins
CSW Senior Coordinator Karen Engler
Provost Appointed Membership Representative
University Staff Representative Paula Schevers
University Staff Representative Jeanne Tomasiewicz
University Staff Representative Joel Hutchinson
Faculty Representative Pending
Student Representative Cassaundra Leier
ExOfficios, Liaisons, & Volunteers  
CSW Ex-Officio: Past Chair Vicki Harmon
CSW Ex-Officio: Past Chair Amelia Huggins
CSW Ex-Officio: Past Chair (Poly) Anna Wales
CSW Ex-Officio: Past Chair (Downtown) Carol A. Sumner
Liaison: Dean of Students Office Kaylen Cons
Liaison: Student Affairs Jeanne Tomasiewicz
Liaison: University Libraries Marcia Anderson
Liaison: University Libraries Margaret Schmidt
CSW Service Representative Bernice Posey
CSW Service Representative Jennifer Lee-Cota
CSW Service Representative Kevin Correa
CSW Service Representative Leah Legg
CSW Service Representative Sandra Martinez (STS)