Commission on the Status of Women

CSW Executive Board

The work of all four campus commission is overseen by the CSW Executive Board, which is composed of the leadership for each campus commission and ex-officios from different administrative offices. The CSW Executive Committee sets the overarching goals for the Commission for the year and oversees the work of all campus commissions. For more information on the work of the CSW, contact the CSW office at


CSW Executive Committee 2013-2014  
CSW Downtown Chair Elaine Rostad
CSW Polytechnic Chair Barbara Aarestad
CSW Tempe Chair Kaylen Cons
CSW West Chair Catherine Kerrey
CSW Downtown Chair-Elect Audrey Dumouchel-Jones
CSW Polytechnic Chair-Elect Sarah Nucci
CSW Tempe Chair-Elect Amelia Huggins
CSW West Chair-Elect Melanie Glover Hayden
President & Provost's Ex-Officio Barry Ritchie
Human Resources Ex-Officio Kevin Salcido
CSW Senior Coordinator Karen Engler