TWC 494/598
Intellectual Property and Copyright
Multimedia Writing and Technical Communication
Fall 2005

Problem Solving Assignment

The last half of the semester, you will work in groups to develop a solution to a problem related to intellectual property rights or copyright. Your solution should incorporate concepts learned in class readings and discussion as well as your own independent research. We will discuss strategies for researching and developing effective solutions to problems as well as methods for effectively working with others. As a group, you will work together to evaluate your problem, organize your work, research the problem, and complete the writing and presentation tasks. Please read each component of the assignment carefully.

Part One (Week 9, 10 pts)

Groups assigned and group formation activities. Problems will also be chosen on this date.

Submit to me:

Part Two: Problem Definition/Research Prospectus (Week 10, 20 points)

  1. Post to the Bulletin Board a brief description of the problem your group is working on.
  2. Submit a 3-5 page research prospectus which defines your problem and proposes a research strategy that you will use to gather the information needed to develop a solution. Please note: there is a wealth of information available on the web about copyright. Much of it is very good. But as ASU students, you have access to one of the best legal research tools available: Lexis Nexis. Through the Library, you have access to hundreds of databases and thousands of electronic journals. To understand your problem and to ensure you are using a balanced set of sources, you should use more than the web for your research.

Your proposal must include the following:

Part Three: Progress Report (week 12 and 13, 10 points each)

Week 12:

Submit and post a progress report for your problem. The report must include:

Week 13:

Submit and post a progress report for your problem. The report must include:

Part Four: Final Report/Presentation (week 14, 30 points)

You may submit your final problem solution in any of the following formats:

Your final document should present the problem, outline the methodology for conducting the research, and present your solution to the problem. Your solution must be based on the evidence and information you have gathered as it relates to the problem. Post your solution to Blackboard by the due date for your group.

Part Five: Reviewing the Solutions (week 15, 10 points, individual grade)

Each student will be responsible for reviewing the solutions of the 4 other groups in the class. You should carefully read the problem and the solution presented. Post and engage in discussion about the problem and the solution presented.

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