Welcome to Patterns in Nature!

Patterns started out as a multi-disciplinary course taught by many different instructors from the life and physical sciences (and engineering). Over the years, the course has evolved to one based mainly in physics, light, and microscopy. All along we've kept the depth of the subjects studied at the conceptual level. Hopefully we've maintained this level of simplicity so students feel free to explore and discover using the materials available in the class. And we hope you take from this class a better understanding and respect for the fascinating science that can be found in the everyday world all around you.

We fully expect you, as a student taking a four credit-hour laboratory science course, to stay current with the material from week to week and to submit all assignments before their deadlines (usually Sundays at midnight). Also, you will be expected to attend two Saturday lab sessions in which we perform experiments and demonstrations not available throught this Web site. This will also be a time to interact face-to-face with your course instructors and the other students in the class and to bring up questions. For more information on the student (and instructor) expectations of this course, please see the Syllabus.

Let's go over some quick tips that may help both you and us in the long run:

  • Contact us. If you are having problems with your computer or with the Web site or both, first, try to work it out yourself. It is probably a very simple fix. If you're still having problems, don't hesitate to contact either the ASU Help Desk at helpdesk@asu.edu or us personally (see the Contacts page).

  • Check in. Read your email and check in to the Web site every week day and at least once on the weekend. Updates come often and news travels fast.

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