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How To Make the Most of a Doctor's Appointment

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Before the Appointment

During the Appointment

After the Appointment

Kids, Teens, and Senior Adults


This website is designed for those uncomfortable interacting with the medical system.

If you ever encounter difficulties regarding:

Understanding the doctor

Knowing what to say to the doctor

Remembering what to bring to the doctor's office

Asking the right questions...

This is the place for you!

Confused woman

The intent of this site is to inform the layperson how to optimize his or her interaction with the medical system, with particular emphasis on the doctor's appointment setting. Additionally, information and links are provided to aid in understanding prescriptions and navigating the medical system as a child, parent, teen, and senior adult.

Confused Woman:


Accessibility | Privacy | ASU Disclaimer This site was created by Nik Wright in fulfillment of requirements for the course TCL 323 : Latino Health Issues taught by Dr. Szkupinski Quiroga at Arizona State University, Fall 2009.