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This page is designed to help Latino parents and the Latino youth with terms to initiate the 'sex talk'.

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Abstinence- is the choice to avoid doing certain things such as choosing not to engage in sexual behaviors.

Bisexual- attraction to either the opposite and same sex/gender

Familismo- emphasis is placed on family relations and the needs of the family comes first

Gender- characteristics and behaviors associated with each sex

Genitals- the reproductive parts of both male and females. Male’s genitals consists of penis, testicles, and scrotum & a female’s genitals consists of vagina, vulva and clitoris

Heterosexual- attraction to the opposite sex/gender

Homosexual- attraction to the same sex/gender

Masturbation- is the touching or rubbing of your own reproductive parts

Nonverbal messages- is communication by means of body or facial expressions

Oral sex- arousing a partner’s genitals with the mouth. Examples of these are fellatio, which is referring to a type of oral sex, mouth-to-penis. Cunnilingus refers to another type of oral sex, mouth-to-vulva. (Kempner & Rodriguez, 2005)

Sex- is the physiological identities associated to male and females. Sex is also used interchangeably to describe the act of engaging in sexual intercourse.

Sexual behaviors- the mechanisms of sexual expression (Szkupinski-Quiroga, 2009). Examples of these are abstinence, masturbation, kissing, masturbation with a partner, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex.

Sexuality- is the expression of who you are and attracted to (Kempner & Rodriguez, 2005).

Sexual orientation- general term that is used to identify people’s physical and/or romantic attractions to other people. Examples of these terms are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual (Kempner & Rodriguez, 2005).

Sexual intercourse- is the insertion of a partner’s genitals in the other partner’s genitals

Vaginal sex- is also known as vaginal intercourse and it is inserting the penis inside a vagina


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