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Alcoholism and Your Family

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What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

How do I help my child understand?

How do I deal with someone in my life who drinks?



What is the purpose of this page?

As a child of an alcoholic, I wanted to create a web page that would help families dealing with alcoholism. I think it's important to advocate an ˇ°open door policyˇ± when it comes to this illness in order to promote understanding and recovery by all people affected. It is important to remember that this disease and its existence in your family is NO ONE'S FAULT but, it is an illness that if gone untreated will disrupt the lives of the person who has it as well as the people around him or her.

From experience I have learned that alcoholism affects everyone and if not addressed will hinder relatives and friends in a variety of ways. It is SO important that people affected by this disease seek support and learn to unapologetically own their feelings.

This page is also an outlet for children who are confused about what is happening in the life of an Alcoholic family member.

I hope this page can prevent families or friends from suffering any longer.


What is Alcoholism?

According to the journal of The American Medical Association, Alcoholism is a primary, chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. The disease is often progressive and fatal. It is characterized by impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol despite adverse consequences and distortions in thinking, most notably denial. Each of these symptoms may be continuous or periodic.

In other wordsˇ­.

Alcoholism is a disease that is not contagious but can be genetic. People with this disease have lost control over their drinking and their lives have become unmanageable. Their drinking is also hurting the people around them. Alcoholism can also lead to the use of other drugs.

IT IS NOT their fault or YOURS but, help is necessary and you can find out how to get help on this page!

A wonderful prayer associated with recovery is the Serenity Prayer, say it aloud:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference..

•  What does this mean to you? How does this make you or your child feel? These emotions are important- don't disregard them!


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