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Like any bad habit one may pick up, treatment for bulimia is a gradual process rather

than an overnight solution. However, without treatment of some sort, the disorder will

persist and create a handful of health problems for the victim including: tooth decay

(caused by stomach acids during purging), gastric irritations, skin problems, and hair

loss.(5) The realization that one is not alone with the problem, just one of millions

of women whom also suffer from the disorder worldwide, is another important point to

be aware of in the journey for healing. Therefore, victims should inform another person

of their problem, either a trusted family member or close friend, to serve as a source of

comfort and support. Seeking both physical and therapeutic treatment is often an wise

approach for recovering bulimics. (5) While more severe cases of bulimia may require

long term hospital stays, (6) the supervision of a family physician or some form of

medical treatment is necessary to stabilize the health of the victim.(5) Therapy, in the

form of a counselor, support group, or therapist (depending on one's situation), allows

feelings or the emotional aspects of the disorder to come to surface.(5) Since bulimics

are at risk of depression and even suicide, antidepressants, may also be administered

as an option for patients struggling severely with the disorder.(5) Local telephone

directories, depending on the city one lives, generally provide a list of treatment

centers, including some specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. (search

words: eating disorders , counseling , or treatment .)

Books to read and absorb:

The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls By: Joan Jacobs Jacobs Brumberg

The book was recommended by Terrie Hurt, a professor of women's studies at Arizona State University. The author, Joan Jacobs Jacobs Brumberg, compares women of the past to women of the present. She describes in full how appearances have sadly come to determine the self-worth of women today.

Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditation for Women By: Karen Casey

This miniature book supplies both inspirational quotes, advice, and meditations for the reader to absorb and apply to everyday life.

Websites to explore:

This particular webpage is packed with enough girl power to light up a city. The site is

truly dedicated to women, or girls if you will, and covers a wide range of topics,

including body image and a section they refer to as, ˇ°sucky emotions.ˇ±

This webpage may have a strange title but truly covers the topic of eating disorders

very well. I especially appreciate the site's special section titled, ˇ°cultural

issues,ˇ± which discusses the myths behind eating disorders and women of color quite

nicely. A discussion forum along with real life stories from the victims themselves

also creates a positive, online atmosphere for the reader.


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