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This Web site offers you an overview of Cardiovascular Disease. Find out about the risk factors, treatments, and how to prevent Cardiovascular Disease. This Web site is intended to educate on the subject, but most important of all, to prevent it. Many people in the United States don't have insurance and that enables them to go to the Doctor for checkups, also enabling them to get feedback on a healthy lifestyle. For some people, living a healthy lifestyle is much easier than others due to culture beliefs, religion beliefs, and many other lifestyle factors, but some people simply lack the knowledge of how to live healthy. There are also cases when people have insurance and the knowledge to prevent such diseases, but choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Don't ignore it!!!!!!

Cardiovascular Disease is not something to ignore. Make the right decision for your self and your loved ones. Get educated on the subject and start living a healthy lifestyle. It's never too late! Even if you do suffer from Cardiovascular Disease, you made the mistake once, don't make it twice, make a lifestyle change. There is good treatment and therapies that provide more favorable outcomes.

I hope you all find the links on the left helpful. I have created them to help educated on the subject and to point out some risk factors. Cardiovascular Disease is a serious problem that gives complications to the body, killing people every day making cardiovascular disease the number one cause of death in the United States. ( Click here to view chart )


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This site was created by Marco Galaz in fulfillment of requirements for the course CSS 335: Latino Health Issues taught by Dr. Szkupinski Quiroga at Arizona State University, Spring 2005.