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Health Insurance

Unsafe Workplace


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Working Latina's jobs are problematic to their health when they aren't offered insurance, and the workplace is an unsafe and hazardous environment.

When Latina women are lacking insurance it is quite difficult for the woman to see a doctor for her pain, illnesses, or on the job injuries.

Because workers are employed in more hazardous jobs, they suffer a greater risk of injury and illness. (3)


Some examples of work-related diseases that may occur in an unsafe environment are:

    • asthma

    • pulmonary tuberculosis

    • pulmonary asbestosis

    • acute bronchitis

    • pneumonitis

    • pulmonary edema

    • hypersensitivity pneumonitis

    • silicosis

    • carpal tunnel syndrome

    • occupational cancers (such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, laryngeal cancer, nasal cancer, etc.)

    • toxic neuropathy

    • parkinson's disease

    • contact dermatitis

    • sick building syndrome

    • cataracts

    • hepatitis (5).


Some General Medical Defintion Terms (7)

Asbestosis: a chronic lung disease caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers that results in the development of alveolar, interstitial, and pleural fibrosis.

Asthma: a respiratory disorder characterized by recurring episodes of paroxysmal dyspnea, wheezing on expiration and/or inspiration caused by constriction of the bronchi, coughing, and viscous mucoid bronchial secretions. The episodes my be precipitated by inhalation of allergens or pollutants, infection, cold air, vigorous exercise, or emotional stress.


Cataract: an abnormal progressive condition of the lens of the eye, characterized by loss of transparency. a gray-white opacity can be observed within the lens, behind the pupil.

Hepatitis: an inflammatory condition of the liver, characterized by jaundice, hepatomegaly, anorexia, abdominal and gastric discomfort, abnormal liver function, clay-colored stools, and tea-colored urine. The condition may be caused by bacterial or viral infection, parasitic infestation, alcohol, drugs, toxins, or transfusion of incompatible blood. It may be mild and brief or severe, fulminant, and life-threatening. the liver usually is able to regenerate its tissue, but severe hepatitis may lead to cirrhosis and chronic liver dysfuntion.

Contact dermatitis: skin rash resulting from exposure to a primary irritant or to a sensitizing antigen. In the first, or nonallergic, type, a primary irritant, such as alkaline detergent or an acid, causes lesion similar to a thermal burn.

skin infection

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