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What Latino Farmer Workers and their Families Need to Know About Pesticides
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Pesticides and Protecting Yourself at Work

EPA Safety Training - Spanish

Pesticides and Protecting You and Your Family

Farm workers can carry home residues of pesticides on many surfaces like their skin, tools, or car. (3) Pesticides can be spread from these surfaces to your home and your family and have serious health effects. There are a few practical things you can do to reduce the exposure of pesticides to your home and family by:

1. Shower at work, right after work and wash your hair. This reduces the pesticides that could travel from work to your home. If this is not an option because there is no shower at your job, then shower immediately after getting home, and avoid contact with your family until after you shower.

2. Change into clean clothes. After showering, put on clean clothes.

3. Separate laundry. Put work clothes in a different place from other dirty clothes. Don’t wash work clothes with all other clothes, keep them separate.

4. Remove work shoes. Leave your work shoes at work, or keep them outside of the house.

5. Dust your home. Keep your home clean. Small children can especially at risk for exposure to pesticides in the home because of their hand-to-mouth behavior. (4)

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