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More events being planned for fall semester.

SFS Happy Hour - details TBA

Notable Past Events

Beyond Belief Film Festival: Movies About Religion in Society - November 4 and 5, 2005
Line up includes "The God Who Wasn't There," "Heart of the Beholder", "Bob Smith, USA" and "Never Been Thawed".

Creationism & Evolution in America - World Views in Conflict - Monday, February 13, 2006
Sponsored by Secular Freethought Society
Dr. Geoff Clark, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Regents Professor, Arizona State University

Dr. Clark contrasted the basic tenets of neo-Darwinism and those of Intelligent Design. The ID movement was put in an historical context and the contention by its advocates that ID is, in fact, ‘science-like’ was addressed. Despite arguments to the contrary, the world views of religion and science are difficult to reconcile with one another.

Everything you always wanted to know about evolution, but did not know who to ask - Sunday, February 26, 2006
Sponsored by Secular Freethought Society
Ken Sweat (Lecturer, Integrated Natural Sciences Department, ASU at the West Campus)
An interactive presentation on the basics of evolution, as well as examples of the massive evidence supporting evolution.

Normal Bob Smith Ministries http://www.normalbobsmith.com in Tempe - Thursday, March 2 to Wednesday, March 8, 2006
Sponsored by Secular Freethought Society

Three screenings of the documentaryBob Smith USA were hosted, with discussions afterwards with Bob.

In order to promote critical discussion, as well as freedom of speech, Bob conducted his “Pray for Satan” campaign outside Hayden Library as a guest of the Secular Freethought Society. Click here for pictures.

Bob's Blog - A little remembrance of Arizona

A few Remembrances of ASU from WebWench

Twenty Years A-Growing: Creationism Since Edwards v. Aguillard - Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Sponsored by Secular Freethought Society
Dr. John M. Lynch, Honors Faculty Fellow, Barrett Honors College & Affiliate, Center for Biology & Society, Arizona State University
In 1986 the Supreme Court effectively killed off "scientific creationism" with its decision in Edwards v Aguillard. Undaunted, supporters morphed into the "Intelligent Design Movement," a group which itself has received a significant setback in the recent Kitzmiller v Dover decision. This talk will examine the twenty-year development of ID, particularly highlighting the movement’s interest in "cultural renewal," and its place in the broader culture wars of the past decades.
Memorial Union Room 223, ASU Tempe Campus, 5:00 PM

Religion without God? - Sunday, 2 PM - April 23, 2006
Sponsored by Secular Freethought Society and Religious Studies Society at ASU
In this informal discussion of personal philosophies, Wendy L. Jameson (M.A.) will talk about non-theistic Christianity, and Dr. Terry Wiley (Education Leadership and Policy Studies) will talk about skeptical traditions in Eastern thought, including non-theistic Buddhism.
Memorial Union, Room 211 – Yuma, Tempe Campus, ASU