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Current Issues: Postmodern Religion

Postmodern Religion: Items on this page explore the ideological and iconographic role of religion in today's modern world. There are many voices in religious dialogue from satire to education to creative mission strategies. In an era where religion must be easily digestible in soundbites and friendly toys, has the church lost its way or just found a new way to gain an audience?

Wikipedia: Postmodernity

"Postmodernism may have originated in the province of academics and eggheads, but you will encounter it in your daily life, no matter who you are."

-Xenos Christian Fellowship 'Postmodernism and You'

A Few Essays to Set the Mood

BBC - Religion & Ethics - Postmodernist Atheism

Public Interests: -Review- Varieties of Religion Today: William James Revisited - book review

Islam, Postmodernity, and Freedom

Mormonism: The Postmodern Faith

Indicators of Postmodern Constructions of Religion and Spirituality - pdf

Xenos Christian Fellowship : Postmodernism and You

Between Imagination and Doubt: Religious Life in Postmodern Culture

Encyclopedia Of Religion and Society - Postmodernism

Postmodernism from The Journal of Ministry & Theology

Some Books on Religion and Postmodernism

Missionizing towards the PoMo Audience - Selected Strategies

CoolChurches -NASCAR and the Emerging Culture

Soul Tsunami

A Definition of Alternative Worship

Holy Hip Hop

Postmodern JC

Jesus Christ Action Figure Play Set - make sure you have the sound on for this one. There are folks that thought this was a real product and wanted to buy. Sorry, toys not for sale.

Jesus Christ Action Figure with Smooth Glide Motion - Company also sells Parasite Pals and Nodding Jesus.

Jesus Action Figure - Miracle Edition

Jesuschristsuperstore.net - "the father, the son, and the bad motherf..."

Jesus of the Week - This is AMAZING!!

JESUS the Monster Truck - This is pretty sweet. We like the Monster Truck Ministries. Featured in the Weekly World News... it must be true.

What Would Jesus Drive? (WWJD) - Bible verse gives the clue.

Ebay Listings for JC Figures

Messengers of Faith - Can you say Tod and Rod Flanders?

The Biblical Action Figures - I love the name of this company.

Objective: 4 Kidz with Lambuel - Check out the Laughing Jesus Logo and the Baby Jesus series in the online store

The Rapture Index - The End is Near, our statistics say so...

They are Gods because WE say so...

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Invisible Pink Unicorn

Invisible Pink Unicorns, Santa Claus and God (a rebuttal)

Deities of Fictional Worlds