Dear Friends,

I wanted to express my gratitude to all who were present at the Millennium Tribute to Arizona's Hispanic Community to witness the special tribute we are bestowing on this selected group of pioneers.

As President of North Phoenix LULAC Council 1083, I am indeed honored to welcome each of you to this event. I would also like to thank you for your support in helping make this event possible.

During the past year of planning and organizing this program, I have become more aware of our Hispanic heritage and history. The sheer diversity and history of the Latin culture leaves me awe inspired. I am truly honored (and humbled) to be able to meet the pioneers who have made history. Now, with your help, we have made our mark in history.


Respectfully yours,

Nicholas Rey DeHerrera
President North Phoenix LULAC Council 1083
November 13,1999

Nicholas Rey DeHerrera. Artist and Musician

A native of San Diego, California, Nicholas DeHerrera involved himself in all aspects of the arts. In sixth grade, at Kimball Elementary, a California original bilingual school, DeHerrera participated in the Baile Folklorico. Later, he attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), a magnet high school program designed to give South San Diego's barrio low-income children exposure to the arts. DeHerrera's choices were music and drama. He learned how to play the piano and write music by the time he was in the ninth grade. He participated in drama projects and acted in dozens of plays. He was voted Senior of theYear, 1983.

Nicholas DeHerrera pursued his fine arts studies at Southwestern College and the University of California San Diego. He eventually wrote numerous musicals and plays. His academic study and performance responsibilities vied for his time. When he was twenty-one years old, he was in several bands playing keyboards and writing for local artists, and eventually he had less and less time for his academic work.

Unfortunately for his artistic career, Nicholas DeHerrera, at age twenty-six, moved to Phoenix to assist his aunt in caring for a special needs family member. However, while in Phoenix, he decided to further his studies in the arts. Nicholas attended Al Collins Graphic Design School in Tempe, and achieved an Associate of Arts in Advertisement Art and Graphic Design. He worked with the Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, in projects under the direction of Dr. Santos C. Vega, as the graphic artist for the Community Documentation Program Newsletter.

Mr. DeHerrera, office manager and editor for MIKID (Mentally Ill Kids in Distress), non-profit advocacy organization, continued his interests in the arts. DeHerrera served on the Governing Board of Rio Salado Behavioral Health Institute, and he served as president of LULAC Council 1083 in Phoenix.