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Note: At the request of the provost, a vice provost, or a vice president, this policy has been posted in the interim between scheduled posting dates by University Policy Manuals Group because it has significant and urgent importance for the university community. This policy will be included in the publication process by the next feasible posting for online policies and procedures.

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Effective: 1/1/1980

Revised: 7/28/2016

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SSM 304–14: Student Employment Records

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To ensure proper handling of student employment records

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services/Student Employment
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (also referred to as the Buckley Amendment or FERPA)

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All recruitment and hiring records of student employees, including students employed under the Federal Work-Study Program, should be kept on file for three years after the date of termination. The Kenexa BrassRing e-Recruitment system will maintain electronic records and the hiring department is responsible for retaining any applicable interview notes or uploading those into the e-Recruitment system.

Hiring departments utilizing either of the two student hire bypass steps within the Kenexa BrassRing e-Recruitment system, Independent Applicant Review and Record Keeping (Student Only) or Independent Offer Letter and Record Keeping (Student Only), are required to maintain a copy of all position records utilized outside Kenexa BrassRing e-Recruitment system for all applicants moved into this status, including the department's internal interview evaluation form, any applicable interview notes, and/or the offer letter, for a minimum of three years after the termination date.

FERPA regulations apply to all student employment records. All records of individuals who are employed as a result of their status as students are "education records." Therefore, the consent of the individual is needed in order to provide information for a reference. Only the dates of employment can be released without the student's written consent.

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