Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 8/15/1925

Revised: 7/1/2009

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SSM 201–03: Drop/Add/Swap of Classes

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To allow a student to drop classes and/or add classes to his or her current registration

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University Registrar Services
Tuition Payment Office

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Registered students may change their current semester schedules by:

  1. dropping classes for which they are currently registered
  2. adding classes for which they are not currently registered


  3. swapping classes for which they are not currently registered.

A student must obtain approval to add classes, if required by the college or department.

Dropping and adding classes must be accomplished within the specific time period indicated in the online University Registrar Services’ Semester Calendar.

Additional Fees/Refunds

Dropping, adding, or swapping classes may result in additional fees or refunds.

Additional Fees

Additional fees must be paid by the fee payment deadline, or if the drop/add/swap transaction is processed after the fee payment deadline, they must be paid by the end of the same business day.


Business Services mails refunds to the student’s mailing address.

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To drop, add, or swap a class, a student must:

  1. meet with the assigned advisor to obtain advising sign-off and approval to add classes, if required by the university, college, or department
  2. submit a drop/add/swap request online at My ASU or go to University Registrar Services, fill out and submit an Enrollment Request form based on the previously approved schedule, and present a photo ID
    Note: If a form is submitted for processing in person, wait for a revised study list to be issued before leaving the registrar site.


  3. verify enrollment by viewing the student class schedule online at My ASU.

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For information on registration, see SSM 201–01, “Registration for Classes—General Policy.”

For information on late drop/add, see SSM 201–05, “Registration and Drop/Add/Swap after the Published Deadline.”

For information on withdrawal from classes, see SSM 201–08, “Withdrawal from Classes—General Policy.”

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