Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

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Effective: 7/1/2014
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SPP Manual Revision NoticeD

Policy Summary of Change
SPP 002


Revision of Policy

Revised to update the definitions for “In-category Promotion,” “Lateral Transfer,” (formerly “Transfer”), and “Reassignment (Career Change)”

SPP 213

Reduction in Force

Revision of Policy

Revised to clarify the Procedural Review Board approval process

SPP 403–08

Salary Administration

Revision of Policy

Revised to update the signature authority requirement language for salary adjustment notifications; to update the salary offer principles to include consideration of salaries of other departmental staff in the same job/position for comparison; to remove legislature appropriation as a necessary action for performance-based increases; to update payment requirements for approved performance-based increases above the assigned market zone; to remove the in-category promotion section/subheading; to update the definitions; to update the name of the salary and compensation guide

SPP 703–01

Holiday Leave Benefits

Revision of Policy

Revised to update the exceptions to include ASU help-desk customer service specialist positions

SPP 808

Performance Management for University Staff

Revision of Policy

Revised to clarify requirements for supervisors in facilitating ongoing employee performance through discussions and completing performance evaluations; to remove the section on termination; to update the Cross-References

SPP 1010

Termination of University Staff Employment

Revision of Policy

Revised to provide requirements and guidelines for departments in obtaining the proper approvals and communicating termination of employment

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