Research and Sponsored Projects Manual (RSP)

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RSP 506–04 Table

The sponsored projects accountant (SPA):

  1. sends invoices to sponsors and pursues payment as part of standard Accounts Receivable (A/R) procedures


  2. alerts the principal investigator when there is a receivables problem on the sponsored account.

If appropriate, the SPA asks the principal investigator to contact the technical counterpart at the sponsor to expedite payment or to provide additional information regarding nonpayment.

The principal investigator provides any available information to Grant and Contract Accounting regarding nonpayment by the sponsor, and works with the sponsor as is reasonable (submitting required technical reports, etc.).

When the sponsor is unable or unwilling to pay its bills, the SPA advises the principal investigator of the options available to protect the interests of the university and the project:

  1. suspending work so that no additional costs are incurred


  2. guaranteeing that additional project costs will be covered by a nonsponsored source of funds.

The principal investigator authorizes additional project spending only if:

  1. the receivables issue is satisfactorily resolved


  2. a guarantee of coverage for additional project costs by a nonsponsored account is secured.

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