Police Department Manual (PDP)

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PDP 203–03 Table

The victim or someone aiding the victim:

  1. calls 911 (ASU Police Department emergency number) or uses a call box for crimes in progress or crimes that just occurred. If dialing from a cell phone, immediately tells the call taker where he or she is calling from and the nature of the emergency. If needed, the call taker transfers to the appropriate police agency. Tells the call taker if medical attention is required.
  2. provides all available information about the suspect: description, clothing, and direction and method of travel


  3. does not tamper with the crime scene. (In the case of a sexual assault, the victim should not shower, bathe, douche, or use the bathroom.)

The ASU PD Communications Center sends officer(s) and medical assistance as needed.

In the case of injury or sexual assault, the ASU PD arranges transportation to the hospital for the victim, offers counseling assistance information, and requests counseling support if desired by the victim. Notifies Residential Life as appropriate.

ASU PD completes a crime report and conducts a preliminary investigation.

Detectives will follow-up and complete more complex or lengthy investigations.

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