Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 3/1/1984

Revised: 7/1/2012

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PCS 401: Identifying Purchased Equipment

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To properly identify equipment purchased by the university

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Property Control
Financial Services
Purchasing and Business Services

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Tagging Capital Equipment

To comply with federal and state requirements, ASU Property Control places an ASU Property Control number (PCN) and/or government property identification number on all capital equipment promptly upon receipt.

Property Control identifies and tags capital equipment received by the department upon receipt.

The PCN is applied to the capital equipment unless the size or nature makes it impractical. The PCN is affixed to the front, or near the front, to be seen easily and to aid in the inventory process. Most capital equipment is permanently identified with a permanent marker or by scribing the PCN.

If government-furnished property is being received, appropriate government tags will be placed on the equipment. Please refer to PCS 403, “Receiving Government-Furnished Equipment.”

Retagging Capital Equipment

Capital equipment remains identified as university- or sponsor-owned equipment as long as it is in the custody, possession, or control of the university. Identification is removed from the equipment only when disposed of. Should the PCN accidentally or mistakenly be defaced or removed, the equipment is retagged using the identical PCN.

Tagging Noncapital Equipment

Property Control does not identify or tag equipment with an acquisition cost of less than $5,000 unless required by a sponsor. If the department has an interest in identifying, tagging, and tracking equipment costing less than $5,000, the department may use identification labels available from ASU Property Control. Also, the department may use Property Control’s Asset Update Web site to add noncapital property to the database. For more information, e-mail Property Control at

Insurance Coverage for Equipment

Equipment that has not been properly identified and tagged with a PCN may not be covered for insurance by ASU Insurance Services. Therefore, the department should contact Property Control if the capital asset has not been tagged within two weeks of being received.

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For more information on receiving equipment, see the Purchasing and Business Services Policies and Procedures Manual—PUR 601–01, “Reporting Receipt of Merchandise.”

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