Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 3/1/1984


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PCS 1002–02: Disposal of Equipment to Surplus Property

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To coordinate the disposal of surplus equipment and to ensure compliance with federal and university requirements

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Federal Acquisition Regulation § 45.6
Property Control
Surplus Property

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University departments are responsible for coordinating with Property Control the disposal of all sponsor-owned surplus equipment.

The disposal (e.g., internal/external sales, scrap, salvage) of university-owned equipment is coordinated through Surplus Property. When departments reserve Interdepartmental Sales Rights on equipment to be sold, Surplus Property reimburses them according to the following rebate schedule. D

Surplus Property Sales Rebate Schedule
Sales Price
Greater Than
But Not
More Than
Rebate to
Department is
Of the Amount
More Than
$ 0 $ 2,000 $ 0%
$ 2,001 $ 5,000 $ 80% $ 2,001
$ 5,001 $ 10,000 $ 2,000 + 90% $ 5,001
$ 10,001 $ 20,000 $ 5,001 + 95% $ 10,001
$ 20,001 $ 10,001 + 98% $ 20,001

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Department Responsibilities

  1. Complete a Disposal Request.

    Note: Disposal Requests can only be completed online. For instruction and access visit the Surplus Property Web site.

  2. If the property has an ASU Property Control number (PCN), it requires its own line on the Disposal Request. Record the PCN in the appropriate field on the Disposal Request. If no PCN is located, leave the field blank (e.g., sometimes the PCN has been removed by accident; feel free to contact Property Control at

  3. Per PCS 1002–08, if an item is not Title 1 or 5 (ASU-owned), authorization from Property Control is required before the property can be sent to Surplus Property or sold. When completing a Disposal Request, the property’s title will display once the PCN has been entered.

  4. If the department wishes to reserve Interdepartmental Sales Rights (ISR) to receive proceeds from the sale of property, select the ISR checkbox when completing the Disposal Request. Enter the minimum sale amount and the agency/org to which the funds will be credited. All proceeds from sales will be distributed in accordance to the Surplus Property Rebate Schedule.

  5. Obtain the proper departmental authorization for the Disposal Request. This can be done at the time of creating the request if the user is authorized to do so. If not, the approver that is selected will be notified by e-mail that their approval is required in order to submit the request to Surplus Property.

Property Control Responsibilities

  1. For property titles other than 1 or 5, check the source of the funds and sponsored account for specific regulations concerning disposition procedures.

  2. Notify the department and Surplus Property of the result.

Surplus Property Responsibilities

  1. If Surplus Property movers were selected as the transportation method for the property, schedule the pickup of the property with the department.

  2. If self-delivery was selected, the department will deliver the property.

  3. Facilities management will coordinate the transportation of property to Surplus Property from West campus departments that do not select self-delivery.

  4. Receive the property in the Surplus Property Management System. Ensure that each PCN is correctly entered into the system.

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For authoritative references see the Research Policies and Procedures Manual—RSP 101, “General Research Policy”

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