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Documents Required for Reimbursement of Transportation Expenses

Airline fare/Airfare—Itinerary or passenger coupon/receipt issued by the airline or travel agency showing passenger name, flights, flight dates, and out-of-pocket amounts paid by the traveler for the airfare. ASU does not reimburse for the use of personal frequent-flyer miles, or other airline compensation vouchers, that cover or reduce the amount paid by the traveler.

Bus fare—Original receipt

Chartered aircraft—Invoice from airplane company

Local transportation (shuttles, taxis, public transportation, or car services)—Transportation between home or work place, airport terminals, lodging, and the meeting site (travel destination), is reimbursable without receipts if the total expense per ride is $50 or less.

Parking (airport parking and mileage expense)—For privately owned cars/vehicles, is permitted if the cost is less than taxi fare to and from the airport from home or work place, whichever is applicable, and reimbursable without a receipt if $50 or less.

Privately owned aircraft—Only those individuals approved and authorized, prior to travel, by ASU Insurance Services may claim privately owned or rented aircraft reimbursement. Contact Insurance Services for specifics.

Rented car/vehicle—Original receipt. Before renting the vehicle, the traveler renting the vehicle must attend defensive driver training. The defensive driver training is valid for a specified number of years. See EHS 119, “Motor Fleet Safety,” for additional information.

Train fare—Original receipt

Valet parking—Reimbursable under certain circumstances with justification and original receipt. Valet tip should not exceed $2.

Documents Required for Reimbursement of Other Expenses

Conference materials—Original receipts

Local calls—Original receipt, typically included in lodging receipt

Lodging—Original itemized receipt

Long distance calls (university business only)—Original receipt, typically included in the lodging receipt

Meals (per diem only)—None

Registration—Original receipt

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