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FIN 403 Table 2

The petty cash fund custodian:

  1. completes a quick payment voucher (PVQ) in Advantage for the total amount of reimbursement, using E2 for the check category and PETTYCASH for the vendor code
  2. ensures all supporting evidence of expenditure is taped or stapled to an 8.5-by-11-inch paper and attached to the PVQ
    Note: Do not tape or staple one receipt on top of another or paperclip attachments. The department should keep copies of all receipts for future reference.

  3. has the org manager or other authorized signer approve the PVQ online (the approver must be someone other than the fund custodian)


  4. delivers a screen print of the approved PVQ along with the supporting documents for petty cash funds to Payables and Reimbursements

Payables and Reimbursements verifies items for completeness and absence of obvious errors and determines whether accountant approval is required.

If accountant approval is required, Payables and Reimbursements sends the PVQ screen print and supporting documents to the appropriate accountant for review and approval.

If accountant approval is not required, Payables and Reimbursements reviews the supporting documents attached to the reimbursement request and processes the required check request.

If no discrepancy exists, Payables and Reimbursements mails the petty cash reimbursement check to the custodian.

If a discrepancy exists, Payables and Reimbursements:

  1. contacts the fund custodian or department for resolution of discrepancy, or in some instances, forwards the reimbursement request to the accountant for processing
  2. charges or credits any difference to the custodian’s petty cash advance


  3. mails the petty cash reimbursement check to the custodian.

    Note: Cashiering Services will cash reimbursement checks up to $500.

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