Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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FIN 401–02 Table

Transactions Requiring Provost/VP Approval and Comments on Transactions

  1. Business cards purchased in a non-ASU standard format
  2. Parking permits for emeriti faculty—only local funds may be used
  3. Out-of-State Travel Authorizations—within Academic Affairs, the deans are responsible for authorizing travel. Each provost/vice president/vice provost and dean provides to ASU Travel Reimbursements a list of the people permitted to approve Travel Authorizations, typically a department chair or higher. A dean or nonacademic director’s out-of-state travel must be approved by the office of the provost/vice president/vice provost.
  4. Holiday celebrations—expenditures for holiday receptions, departmental decorations, etc., are permitted only if charged to a gift or other discretionary local agency/org and approved by the appropriate provost/vice president/vice provost.
  5. Live plant purchases—purchases of live plants are permitted when approved by the respective provost/vice president/vice provost; however, purchases of flowers are prohibited unless the items are needed in conjunction with an official university event.
  6. Employee nonmonetary awards exceeding $100 per person—employee nonmonetary awards exceeding $100 (e.g., a briefcase or software) are permitted when approved in advance by the respective provost/vice president/vice provost. See FIN 420–04, “Payment of Awards and Incentives,” for information on tax reporting requirements.
  7. Employee reimbursements greater than $1,000—requires approval of respective provost, vice provost or vice president and Purchasing and Business Services.
  8. Financial Services discretionary—Financial Services may, on a discretionary basis, route procurement documents with an internal cover memorandum to the appropriate provost/vice president/vice provost for review before processing by Financial Services.
  9. Interdepartmental loans—Loans between two or more ASU departments may use only local funds. Situations where one ASU department is making a payment(s) totaling $50,000 or more on behalf of another ASU department or transferring funds to another department, with the expectation of repayment occurring over two or more fiscal years, must be documented with a repayment schedule that has been approved by each area’s provost/vice provost/vice president. See FIN 401–03, “Prohibited Transactions,” regarding loans to students and/or employees and payments with no direct benefit to ASU made to external organizations (including but not limited to organizations with ASU agency accounts and student organizations with off-campus bank accounts).
  10. Warehouse club membership purchases (Costco, Sam’s Club)—Purchases of warehouse club memberships by departments are permitted when approved by the respective vice provost/vice president office’s business manager. The business manager cannot approve the membership purchase if he or she is the one to whom the card is issued.

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