Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 10/9/1989

Revised: 4/3/2014

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FIN 209: Construction Projects from Bond Financing or Private Fundraising

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To describe the policy for committing and spending construction funds on projects financed from bonds or private fundraising sources

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Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), Gift Funded Capital Project Approval and Oversight Process Guidelines
University policy

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Bond Financed Projects

No funds may be committed or spent for construction on bond financed projects until the project has received:

  1. Board of Regents’ Project Approval


  2. Review by the Legislative Joint Committee on Capital Review (JCCR).

Gift Funded Projects

The determination that a capital project is to include a gift component will be coordinated by university and ASU Foundation leadership. Fundraising goals will be established, monitored, and adjusted. To the extent that cash gifts are not in-hand when Board of Regents’ project approval is requested, the submission will include a financing plan for:

  1. temporary bridge funding until gifts are received


  2. permanent funding in case of gift shortfalls.

A quarterly capital project gift report will be submitted to Financial Services, which includes:

  1. summary of gifts and written pledges
  2. status of fundraising relative to established milestones
  3. status of past-due pledges and outlook for collection
  4. detailed schedule of gifts and pledge payments by donor and year


  5. detailed schedule of outstanding pledges by donor and year.

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