Facilities Management Manual (FAC)

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FAC 203–02 Table

The requesting department:

  1. fills out the Facilities Management Service Request Form on the University Services Web site or sends an e-mail note to FACMAN or a memorandum to the Service Center including the following information: name, department, telephone number, and location (building and room number) of the person requesting the service and name, department, telephone number, and location of the person Facilities Management should contact regarding the requested services, if different from requester
  2. sends or encloses a complete description of the services requested


  3. attaches drawings, specifications, and other addenda as needed.

If a memorandum is sent, the Service Center returns a copy of the memorandum with the job number assigned by Facilities Management.

If an e-mail note is sent, the Service Center:

  1. returns the e-mail note to confirm receipt of the request
  2. indicates the Facilities Management job number assigned
  3. issues the job number


  4. notifies the appropriate shop.

The requesting department reports emergency service needs to the Facilities Management Service Center (480/965–3633).

Note: After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends and holidays, call the Central Plant (480/965–3653).

The Service Center determines the urgency of the request, issuing priority listing if necessary.

If the service is billable, the requesting department prepares an internal purchase order (PO). The Service Center receives the PO, assigns a job number, and notifies the appropriate shop.

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