Environmental Health & Safety Manual (EHS)

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Effective: 10/31/2008


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EHS 120: Fall Protection

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To protect all ASU employees from potential hazards associated with working on elevated surfaces
To ensure the availability of fall protection anchor points required for building service and maintenance
To meet applicable federal, state, and local regulations

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29 Code of Federal Regulations § 1910, Subpart D—Walking-Working Surfaces
29 Code of Federal Regulations § 1910, Subpart F—Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms
29 Code of Federal Regulations § 1926, Subpart M—Fall Protection

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All university employees
All ASU-owned or leased buildings

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ASU buildings and related structures will be equipped with rails or walls, meeting applicable codes to prevent risks of falls.

Approved railings must be installed on routinely accessed structures and walkways where an elevation change of four feet or more may be encountered.

Where walls, railings, or anchor points required for fall protection do not exist, a fall protection plan shall be developed by the responsible supervisor and must be followed by all employees involved in the project.

Fall protection including anchor points, parapet walls, and railings will be included in the design of new buildings and remodeling of existing buildings.

Landings, loading docks, platforms, and other structures routinely accessed must be equipped with railings whenever an elevation change of four feet or more is encountered.

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Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

EH&S is responsible for:

  1. providing policies, programs, and guidelines designed to ensure that safe work practices are developed, employed, and revised as necessary
  2. providing training to ASU employees and evaluating fall protection plans upon request


  3. periodically auditing compliance with this policy and notifying affected management of any findings or opportunities for improvement related to this policy.

Capital Projects Management Group

The Capital Projects Management Group is responsible for ensuring that:

  1. specifications for fall protection anchorage systems meet applicable regulatory requirements
  2. applicable systems are incorporated into all new construction and any renovation affecting roofing systems


  3. all general contractors are notified that they are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, OSHA, state, and local regulations related to fall protection and other EH&S-related regulations.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for:

  1. maintaining records of certification and testing of each anchor point related to fall protection


  2. developing and implementing a system to ensure recertification as required by applicable regulations.

Employees and Supervisors

  1. ASU employees, including faculty, staff, researchers, and part-time employees, are responsible for the safety and health of employees and co-workers and must adhere to the requirements of this program.
  2. Employees involved in servicing or maintaining buildings and related structures must use fall protection at heights six feet above the next level of work unless working from a ladder or under a fall protection plan.
  3. Supervisors responsible for employees working at an elevated surface at heights of six feet or more are required to develop a fall protection plan based on requirements identified in EH&S guidelines and training.
  4. Each chair, dean, or director or designee is responsible for identifying personnel required to work on elevated surfaces and for complying with all training and safety measures identified by this policy.

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For more information, see:

  1. EHS 105, “Personal Protective Equipment”
  2. EHS 108, “Environmental Health and Safety Training”


  3. the Capital Programs Management Group Policies and Procedures ManualCPM 306–05, “Monitoring Design Activities.”

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