Capital Programs Management Group (CPM)

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Effective: 8/1/1996

Revised: 7/1/2017

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CPM 309–03: Floor Covering Permit Standards and Procedures

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To establish standards and procedures for floor covering in academic buildings in order to protect the health and safety of occupants within the immediate area from sites that might contain asbestos or other hazardous materials

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Capital Programs Management Group

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All departments or individuals involved with requesting, recommending, or purchasing floor covering

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Flooring Permit

A permit is required when floor covering is to be removed and/or installed. The permit will be issued by the Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG) after approval by Purchasing and Business Services and by the CPMG program manager for asbestos services.

Carpet in Public Areas

University departments must purchase carpet through Purchasing and Business Services from bid contract, including carpet used for remodel and new construction projects. When carpet is to be used in high traffic areas, carpet tile is recommended. Carpet will not be installed on stairs.

Contractors may purchase carpet from ASU’s distributor at ASU’s contract pricing, or from their own source.

Carpet in Offices

All carpet is to be purchased through Purchasing and Business Services from bid contract, including carpet used for remodel and new construction projects.

Carpet in Classrooms

Hard surface Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is recommended for:

  1. seminar rooms and classrooms
  2. midsize lecture halls with fixed tables, movable chairs, 100-person seating capacity


  3. large lecture halls with fixed seating, auditorium, and swing armchairs (VCT recommended under seating areas; carpet tile recommended in aisles for acoustic treatment).

Carpet tile is recommended for:

  1. cooperative/collaborative learning settings


  2. computer classrooms.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos abatement review will be conducted by CPMG before carpet is ordered. Abatement costs will be funded by the requesting department if CPMG has no available funds.

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Requesting department
  1. Complete a Building/Flooring Permit Application and return it to the Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG) (mail code 5512 or fax 480/965–5926).
    Note: Applications are also available in the Facilities Management Shops or from Purchasing and Business Services (480/965–5378).
Capital Programs Management Group (CPMG)
  1. Review application to determine if request meets policy requirements. If policy requirements are met, notify the CPMG program manager for asbestos services that there is an application ready for review.
  1. Review application for asbestos abatement requirements and arrange for abatement if necessary.
  2. Approve application.
If approved:
  1. Return the approved application to the requesting department and provide a copy to Purchasing.
Requesting department
  1. Include permit number or a copy of permit with carpet order to Purchasing and Business Services for processing.
Purchasing and Business Services
  1. Notify Asbestos Services at when the project is complete. Send carpet information for database, including type, warranty, and cleaning instructions.
If disapproved:
  1. Return application with reason(s) for disapproval.
Requesting department
  1. Modify or cancel application.


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