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ASU is committed to the success of each freshman. Academic support services and involvement opportunities are infused into the freshman year experience throughout the university. Take advantage of the variety of opportunities available to make your first year at ASU an excellent beginning to your Sun Devil experience.

Top Ten Ways to Make a Smart Start as a Freshman at ASU:

1. Live on campus. Students who live on campus feel more connected to their university are more likely to graduate.
2. Go to class. Participate in discussions and take notes.
3. Take advantage of tutoring and other academic and student support services.
4. Introduce yourself to your professors and meet with them during their office hours.
5. Get to know your classmates. Form a study group, discuss course content, or prep for exams.
6. Know what it takes to graduate from ASU. Meet with your advisor regularly to check on your progress.
7. Visit your campus career center to explore majors, internship and career possibilities.
8. Join a club, work on campus, play a sport, or volunteer. Involvement will enrich your college experience.
9. Take care of yourself. Eat right, get plenty of rest, and seek appropriate help when you’re feeling ill or stressed.
10. Be part of ASU traditions. Go Devils.