ASU Comprehensive Development Plan

Comprehensive Development Plan
for a New American University

ASU is building a comprehensive metropolitan university that is an unparalleled combination of academic excellence and commitment to its social, economic, cultural, and environmental setting. As it evolves during a ten-year institutional transformation, ASU will serve as the prototype for a New American University, redefining the American research university, and spurring the evolution of an institutional form rooted in the past.

As the only major research university in the heart of one of the most rapidly urbanizing metropolitan areas in the nation, ASU must provide leadership for a region that lags behind comparable metropolitan areas in a number of educational, economic, and environmental indicators. ASU seeks to provide the best education for the broadest spectrum of qualified students. While focused on its region, ASU is moving aggressively to establish a global presence.

Although a single and unified institution, ASU is “One University in Many Places”, spatially distributed across metropolitan Phoenix in four differentiated campuses of equally high aspiration. A federation of strong entrepreneurial colleges, schools, departments, and interdisciplinary institutes and centers will increase academic excellence, foster creativity, and maximize the real-world impact of the problem-focused research university of the future.

Whether providing the best possible education to the students of Arizona, generating economic growth through its visionary research enterprise, or improving the quality of life and quality of place for all Arizonans, ASU is committed to building a great university here in the American Southwest.


Comprehensive Development Plan

Presentation - April 29, 2005

Executive Summary - May 2005


Comprehensive Development Plan for a New American University Arizona State University