Aya Karpińska

nobody knows but you


About nobody knows but you

nobody knows but you was written for Double-Cute Battle Mode (http://technekai.com/DCBM/index.html), an application prototype for a VJ (video jockey) remix battle. DCBM allows two players to combine visuals and special effects in a playful competition for screen space. Using joysticks, players plug their imagination into their computer and share a creative space in an intuitive video-game style interaction. Twenty-three verses appear on a plane in three-dimensional space. A cube shape displays additional visuals. Both the cube and the plane may be scaled and rotated, and the reader has control over which verse or image is displayed.

The piece was conceived as a way to ease text back into an image-dominated culture by treating it simultaneously as a visual special effect and as a poem.


You will need a USB joystick, such as Logitech's Dual Action Game Pad (about US$20 at Amazon.com). Plug in the joystick via USB, install any drivers that come with the joystick. Download "Joystick.x32" and "nobodyKnows.exe" into the same folder on your Windows hard drive. Launch the nobodyKnows.exe application you've downloaded, put on some music, and enjoy! Refer to the mapping of text and image to joystick controls so you can better manage the visuals.

Some joysticks won't automatically work correctly. You will need to map the X- and Y-Axis of the joystick's left stick to the mouse X- and Y-Axis. The software that comes with your joystick should enable you to do this. Here are some step-by-step screenshots from Logitech's Profiler software. It may not look exactly like your software, but hopefully it will help you get an idea of what to do.

Performance video of nobody knows but you

Or download video (.mp4 format, compatible with computers and iPhone / iPod in Safari) 41MB

Download nobody knows but you

Download now (contains nobody knows but you exe and Joystick.x32 files)


The original DCBM program was created with Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena:

The Joystick Xtra for Macromedia Director was coded by Laurent Cozic: