Karen Sandhu

Two Poems


8 AM

8 AM is the result of cutting out main headlines from daily newspapers over the course of one week. Once gathered these headlines were randomly shuffled, rearranged and then pasted to form this alternative reading of the week’s news.

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This Porch

This Porch is a bookwork that brings together three poems initially divided into sections or episodes titled: ‘Sleeping On Front Porches’, ‘Standing On Front Porches’ and ‘Swinging on Front Porches’. It is a project that explores the concept of 'memoirs’, particularly focusing on 'what' one observes and 'how' one observes. The text originates from a personal travel log kept in the summer of 2007 and is a collage of objects, persons and language gathered from foreign surroundings. Each object, person or phrase acts as a marker, a marker of a moment, a moment that would otherwise merge into the everyday but here it is singled out. This form of heightened awareness relates to the idea of the wandering tourist and the impulse to photograph and record everything no matter how obscure or mundane, remembering to never forget, creating your own snapshot. The book measures 14 cm x 14 cm. It consists of 15 individual concertinas made up of 4 panels each bound together with Japanese stab binding.

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Karen Sandhu lives in London. She is a student on the MA Poetic Practice course at Royal Holloway University of London, where in 2007 she completed a BA in English. She enjoys experimenting with the book form and is currently working on a book project that explores the relationship between physical and mental processes of making. Examples of her bookwork can be found at digressionsandhiccups.blogspot.com