Strictly Speaking on Caroline Bergvall

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Interview with Caroline Bergvall
Caroline Bergvall in conversation with Sophie Robinson, May & September 2007 (HTML | PDF)

Caroline Bergvall
PRESSURE POINTS: gendered and tactical authorship (HTML | PDF)

Caroline Bergvall
UNMOORED: on and with Erin Moure (HTML | PDF)

Nathan Brown
Objects that Matter: Olson, Bergvall, and the Poetics of Articulation (HTML | PDF)

cris cheek
Reading and Writing: the Sites of Performance (HTML | PDF)

Laura Goldstein
Translation as Performance: Caroline Bergvall’s “Via” (HTML | PDF)

Sophie Robinson
‘Now that’s what I’d call morphing’: Building a Queer Architecture in Caroline Bergvall’s Éclat (HTML | PDF)

Majene Mafe
via error 1–6 (HTML | PDF)

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