. Plum grainy
veins, unfathomable
noises, moues and wrinkle

Plumb line, pul-
sing, eye to eye, drinks
dusks of light.

One year after, like a punctuation; one month together, as if
these times had meaning, particular meaning, instead of an
arbitrary path cut through possibly a mistaken hole in the
floor, they thought the radiator was smaller, and there it
is, an unfilled circle ninety years old.

full moon, and hardnessMy mother I will, she said.

. word. Blue

(pants, trousers, cover-
alls) Blue, all )"There is Mr. Ashley, narrating
tempered drophis 'songs' or 'stories' in a
intogentle, sing-song chant--what
the morning bizniz sweethe terms 'vocal inflections
whistles, their hustle lowthat you might call singing.' "
the-y fl-y one (tows) three.
Stroke in the air, wobble
a tune, wow.
Two red tickets set at an angle--

Imbedding someextruding somethe interplay between selection,
imbedding, and loss. Some few words, chosen, and why; but are
also chosen from, once the day was awash in pinpricks, a pull in
the back muscle, overlay and no experience. No experience because
all.Say.Saw.Operations. Addictions. And noshadow and it was
dark within this icyone knowsbrightness all disappearing
all intensewritingwhat;does it save it? "diaristic" in
impulse, but unbargained, imponderable. Over written. Written
then over written, over ridden, the selection is one thing, this
(the globule, clot) another. Different plans and different pictures.

uneven picture patterns,
Most poetry something--irregular blocks, a rebus
imagery, structure.trued, held in a rose-pink

Dreaming I'm crying
it's she's crying.

. Snaggles, spiggles, stalks
peck out snow.
Fresh, purple, haiku,

birds. cumulus color of red sandstone, coal shaleresume
theyand close tabulated bunchingresume
re theyunfirm unpleasant undulantre who

pattern upcrests, its oppositepitter pity
hole in thetouching hard and fastthey poke a
housedisperselittle nest
thick places
bound to violent narratives.

Marginalia without a center? No beginning, No. No
. One word one ending? No, because form
"word" kkhkkhgggh at all times is instilled. 0 noble
Koré la la that ongo--
threaded into the dyad ingness that entrance into speaking
both ends beading, gleaming
gargle. Conventionally, "goo gah."encapsulated
eyes burning
Big finger to the little sleeping mouth
    It was all cracking
makes sure,

the even silence breathing.

Narrative: the oedipal plot? ends by revealing the hidden
father. Pre-oedipal plot? the mother, hidden. Split subject:
"a living contradiction." A text to speak now, writing,
writing the sung-half song.

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