From The Sea On To The Land

Field from which all the dancers have gone

They've chosen me, the one without(to stay)

Whose womb, the size of grape pear grapefruit melon

Let me and let me

That flowing, how could it just be water

This I'm pointing to, without roots vines or leaves

Nearer to year and year

Only this, only there's more

Only this, only there's more

House built one palm's reach at a time

The wickedly steeping clock
Wickedly a thing I know

Diminuendo for what passes

To bearto bear

Descant for feeble contractions

Downward castPlot of land staked with twigs and twine
For homes, the leaders assured

For their counterparts a head taller muscles fuller vocabulary better
they fatten the cows bind the fruit trees to deliver marbled meat
luscious fruit and themselves sit down to boiled millet and an
onion or two pulled out of the ground

Many historic secular buildings were also damaged

The natives they brought with them for service, being naked
and in chains, had perished in great part during the winter

Children masquerade as their elders and are pleased
The elders plant azaleas and dogwoods where they were
in the yards of the elders before them

Wretched repetition worn

For long, forlorn, have I desired

In a world to be reapportioned beginning (that) day

Ribboned (recognition) superfluous

Discomfiture of (four) walls

Disaster in (milliseconds) effortless

Scourging does idiocy (pass)

To take the scene of (shame) and embroider

(Up ahead) vision version nor bees neither honey

And (west), a direction (stretching)


Myung Mi Kim

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