As I taste it's warm almost hot
If quiet I can hear as well as see
A woman chopping celery in a bright
Kitchen from the back window
But she doesn't see me watching
Her movements are precise and quickly
She has everything laid outOne must
Learn how to cook or how to drink tea
As I taste as if I were made
Only of the ability to taste
As if I were taught to stop with tea
And to wait to turn on the lights
By one whose experience retains heat
Like a day that was warm or a cup
As I taste it seems to stay hot
I lay for hours undisturbed
By sleep inclined to count
As one does hours opportunities
Ours have been few as they
Are until I will seem up
I will certainly be out
But it's absurd to sing in the dark
Or to lie quivering unable to see
I lay just so last night
And now had hoped but the rest
Exactly the same numbers
Begin by counting themselves over
Against my waking I would have it
Having nothing else to save
I lay the hours by waking

Why am I divided from him?
A continuous line begins with the brow
And becomes the nose by agreement
A piece of linen simplifies
The features of its women like
Masks or any other kind of quiet
A beautiful arrangement by convention
Only if accepted or if not
Why am I divided thoughtlessly?
A stylised head bisecting two scenes
Of life or its embroidered equivalent
House man clouds a child suspended from
Parentheses that by balancing unite and yet
Why am I silent in the foreground divided?
So then as I say I begin again
These days it's always four a.m.
Before I drop off the night's morning
Almost and almost dusk and time
To begin again and again I've missed
The morning approached wrong-
Endedly but then if one end is more
What you want to do then do so
So then offering itself begins with
And remains awake tilted up until
Blood runs to the eyes and it's time to consider
How like any of our mornings is this dusk
The beginning and how I began to say
I begin again exactly as when before claiming
So then as I say I begin I began again

Let's stay or you said go
Someone running not unusual
To have to go to work at dawn
Glad for the job happily gone
So let them take our places
And not as we did go but stay
An hour completely red not
Reckless though unearthly
Let's stay you were so
Flushed the way a night will
Make you vague and permeable
Nonsense that you or I should be
En routeLook someone running
Away and not unhappy to
Let's stay but you said no
Because I have you still kept from lies
And blame having you for your stillness
Always coldest and only just standing
The presence by your door about to enter
Or about not to of one lame or otherwise
Imperfect standing afraid speechless before
Some crossing he might have accomplished easily
Before waking in a new situation freshly alone
Because I have kept you from lies we might
Have told and have kept myself quiet
The gestures of our falseness
Words actually spoken won't be
A source later of pain because that time has come
Because there it lies cold quite settled now and
Because I don't want to keep you from going home



Laura Moriarty

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