Laura Moriarty

Laura Moriarty is the author of Two Cross Seizings (Sombre Reptiles, 1980), Persia (Chance Additions, 1983), Duse (Coincidence Press, 1986), like roads (Kelsey St. Press, 1990), Rondeaux (Roof Books, 1990) and L'Archiviste (Zasterle Press, 1991). She is the Director of the American Poetry Archives at The Poetry Center at San Francisco State University.

Working Notes, Laura Moriarty:

"High and Dry" is part of a short novel, Cunning, which is in progress. I began this project thinking about the degree to which history and time and even place are written. Geography is made of names. Letters, journals, laws, menus, recipes, reports--there are so many sources for the final version. Or there is no final version. I want this novel to retain the roughness of something put together from material which doesn't easily adhere. It is also, among other stories, the story of a conversation between two women.

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