Rena Rosenwasser and Kate Delos

Poet Rena Rosenwasser is author of Elephants & Angels, from Kelsey St. Press, where she is co-director. Painter and printmaker Kate Delos teaches at Sonoma State University. Their new collaborative work, Simulacra, a series of poems and monotypes reproduced in 14 full-color plates, has just been released by Kelsey St. The original monotypes are currently featured in the Newport Harbor Museum's 1986 Bay Area Art Biennial.


What if painter and poet were to work together? Shared artifacts, your paintings, my poems. A layering of images, words . . . as if images DRAWN up thru sand, scrim. Faces of antiquity re called / dreams re visioned where the lingua was often Latin.

We began to tell each other tales. The Romans wrote letters on wax tablets; they would etch words into wax with a stylus. The tablet sent across town. The letter read, then the wax melted and a reply etched into the same wax. And so our tablets took shape.

Play on our present terrae . . . these papers on which our images and words could and would PALIMPSEST. Also encaustic, the earliest form of portraiture--a melting of color with wax, words "incised," our collaboration a collage of text/portrait.

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